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7th International Gathering

7th International Gathering of Wilderness Guides  

Hosted by the German-speaking Network in 2017

Location to be determined

Participant comments 6th International Wilderness Guides Gathering, S. Africa, 2014:

As a first timer, I came for connection, mentoring, and guidance. I received all of it and more. I met friends and tribe members. To be in a common field of love in nature. And am filled with deep gratitude for the pioneers and networks. I was deeply touched by witnessing the council process. --Lolla, S. Africa

To feel the big family all over the world give so much holding and trust in this work! And inspire you/all of us that we all can be the changes in the world. --Annette, Germany

It was such a joy to meet with my S. African international “family” amidst the beauty and diversity of their/our ancient Mother Land, and to so deeply share in the spirit of Ubuntu: “I am because we are.” I feel blessed to carry this spirit forward as I return to my home. --Paul Andrade, age 60, USA

The power of connecting together in one circle from all over the world as one community to share our passion for nature-based rites of passage and our overall humanness is huge. I feel deeply rejuvenated. --Alison, Cape Town, S. Africa (originally Vancouver, BC, Canada)

To meet people from all over the world again and again, and now I have a lot of friends connected with the heart. I’m also inspired from the many different way to work with people and with nature – my horizon became bigger and bigger and also more tolerant. To see young African women and men how they became a leader, it is wonderful. --Brigitte, age 58, Switzerland

         WOW - Inspiring - Enrich - Colorful - Energized - Words can't explain. --Darius, age 23, S. Africa

The International Gatherings are a hugely important opportunity to learn from and with each other. To learn different ways of working, sharing this beautiful work which supports ourselves, each other and between inner and outer worlds. --Jeremy, age 49, United Kingdom

It is balm to my being sharing, living like this. I know what it feels like to belong and feel at home. Tribe ubuntu. --Jess, age 32, S. Africa



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